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What You Need to Know

Purchasing a roof system for many building owners is a once every 20 year event.  A lot can change in 20 years and for many building owners this could be the first roof system purchase. Knowing some of the basics can help in the purchase decision.

• Why roofs fail prematurely: Roof systems fail primarily for three reasons:
1. Improper design
2. Poor installation
3. Lack of maintenance

• The right roof system: There are dozens of commercial roof manufacturers. Each manufacturer has dozens of configurations. The right system and configuration is dependent on your:
• Building design.
• Operations with-in the building.
• Your needs and budget.
• The condition of your current roof and substrate.
• Equipment on the roof.
• Local codes.

• Safety considerations: Even with hold harmless clauses building owners may be enjoined in costly law suits. Building owners should ensure that contractors have and follow their safety manual during installation and that future maintenance personnel fall protection hazards have been addressed in the design phase.

• Which warranty? Manufacturers offer a variety of warranties and terms. Some manufacturers include the warranty in the price of the materials; other manufacturers have a separate charge based on square feet. Some contractors will mix and match roof components to save cost. The consumer will be provided with several warranties that may conflict. Verify that your roofing contractor offers full system warranties from the roof membrane manufacturer.

• A warranty is not a maintenance agreement: Manufacturer warranties all require annual roof inspections.


Lutz Roofing has the skill and expertise to ensure your roof system will be properly designed, installed and maintained to maximize its design life.  We install only proven roof systems using manufacturer approved specification and methods.

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