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Sustainable Roofing Solutions

A sustainable roof greatly reduces facility operating cost. Reduced operating cost should be a factor considered in the purchase of a roof system along with the purchase cost. A lower initial roof investment cost may not offset higher operating cost. Building owners and managers should consider the following:

• Maximizing the design life of a roof system is the single most cost effective way to lower the roof’s operating cost. A roof that cost $400,000 initially and has a design life of 20 years cost $20,000 per year.  Studies show that most roof systems fail at 75% of their life expectancy adding 25% to the annual operating cost of a roof. Extending the life of the roof by 3 years lowers the annual operating cost by 15%.


• Plans to extend the life of the roof should be included in the roof design phase:
• What option for restoration, instead of replacement, does the roof system have as it nears its design life?  Restoration may include the use of coatings or membrane only replacement that greatly reduces land fill waste and replacement roof cost.


• The use of higher quality roof products. Typically manufacturers have good, better, best options for both materials and installation methods.


• The elimination of roof top traffic or the protection of the roof with walkway pads and high density insulation boards when traffic from maintenance personnel cannot be reduced.


• The correction of all non-standard termination details such as low curb heights, wall cracks, leaking skylights, improper drainage and leaks from adjoining roof systems.


• The ability to find and repair leaks.


• Future codes.


• When the roof is installed a maintenance program will help ensure the roof meets its design life. A maintenance program is required by all major manufacturer warranties.


Lutz Roofing has the skill and expertise to ensure your roof system will be properly designed, installed and maintained to maximize its design life. We install only proven roof systems using manufacturer approved specification and methods.

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