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Rooftop Gardens

Your building’s roof has a large environmental role. One of the most significant opportunities to increase building energy efficiency lies within the commercial roofing sector, where over 50 billion square feet of flat roofs are currently available for retrofit. Let’s take a look at some of the basic environmental benefits of a green roof.

• Reduce waste: The National Roofing Contractors Association estimates 5% of all land fill waste is roof related. A green roof is designed to last 100% to 200% longer than a conventional roof.


• Lower energy cost: Buildings use about 50% of all energy and consume about two thirds of all electricity. Green roofs can reduce roof temperatures by up to 70 to 80 degrees F. Substantial reductions in interior temperatures result, often by as much as 6 to 8 degrees F. Considering that a 1- degree F decrease in interior temperatures can reduce air conditioning use by 8 percent, this can lead to huge energy savings.


• More usable space: Green roofs can become usable space, reducing the need for building additions. Additional green space provides forage and housing to a wide variety of insects, birds, and smaller animals.


• Reduce pollutants: Indoor and outdoor plants cleanse the air of pollutants created by furnaces, passing vehicles and also take carbon dioxide out of the air.


• Larger foot print: Storm water, that can overflow sewage systems, is instead retained and released back into the environment, reducing flood potential. Some municipal building codes allow buildings to be built with a larger property  footprint because of less storm water run-off.


• Help eliminate the heat island effect: In some cities the “heat island” effect can increase the local temperature by as much as 12%. If done on a large enough scale, green roofs can reduce the ambient temperature by several degrees in the summertime.


Not surprising green roofs come in a variety of designs to meet budget and building requirements. Lutz Roofing has the skill and expertise to ensure your green roof system will be properly designed, installed and maintained. We install only proven roof systems using manufacturer approved specification and methods.

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