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Maintenance & Roof Asset Management

Our commercial roof maintenance programs range from annual roof inspections to extensive life cycle management projects designed to significantly lower our clients’ facility operating cost. Programs are available throughout the Great Lakes region.


Solutions customized to fit your needs

Like all Lutz services our maintenance programs are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. Because of the unique nature of building design, use, geography and client expectations only our most seasoned and skilled people participate in the roof inspection process, subsequent evaluation of roof information and client presentation.


A cost effective strategy for each roof

Regardless of the size of your facility portfolio we develop a strategy for each facility roof that is cost effective based on our unique 6 point client needs assessment.


A proven track record of success

With millions of square feet of commercial roofing enrolled in a Lutz maintenance program, we’re confident we can assist in developing a program that is right for you.


To learn how a Lutz Maintenance Program can identify and reduce costs associated with your roof portfolio in a verifiable manner call us at 1-800-750-1148 or complete a service-request form.

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